Grade 6 @ Room 365

Thursday, February 22, 2012
Cross Country Skiing Day

On this field trip students will receive qualified instruction, in progressive steps, in the basic techniques of cross country skiing on the well-maintained trails of Hardwood Hills in Oro Station (north of Barrie near Horseshoe Valley).  Students should ensure they dress warmly and bring a lunch or money for food and drinks. 
Food service is available at the chalet.  More information available on the permission form.

Be in class at 7:30am -- the Coach Bus leaves at 7:45 am.  Return time is no later than 4:30 pm on the same day, weather and traffic permitting, but we may arrive slightly earlier.  Parents should arrange for pickup of students at the end of the day from Runnymede.  No students will be allowed to depart at the day's end without adult supervision.

Cost:  $55.00 per student, includes coach bus far, lesson, equipment rental

Date:  Thursday February 22, 2012

Parent volunteers are needed.  Please contact Mr. Reynolds.

Link to Hardwood Ski and Bike

Download permission form here.

Hardwood Ski and Bike