Grade 6 @ Room 365

Class projects are assigned about twice each term in Social Studies and Science.

Topic sheets and organizers can be found on the Downloads page if youíve misplaced them.

Use the graphic organizers provided in class to gather information about the Physical Geography, Political Features, Social Features and Economic and Trade Features of the country you are researching.

Using both pencil and paper as well as PowerPoint, create a profile of a significant body in our Solar System.†

For our Science Fair on Earth Day we will design and test an electrical vehicle that could explore the surface of another planet.† Materials are available at cost in class for about $10, or can be gathered at places like Efstonscience and Active Surplus.† Display boards provided.

Alone or with a partner create a profile of a contribution to Canadian identity made by a specific group or community in our country.† Locate it geographically, describe the interactions of this groupís perspective with the rest of Canada.† Organizers provided in class.† Oral presentations at the end.

Using Display boards provided in class, gather research about an animal you chose and complete a variety of writing tasks (formal and informal letter, narrative story) connected to your research.

†Canadaís Interactions with the Global Community

Communities in Canada:† Past and Present

Electricity Design Challenge:† Science Fair

Space:† Planet Profile

Biodiversity: Canadian Endangered Animal

Ongoing Projects

® Due on:†† December

® Due on:† November

® Due on:† January

® Due on:† April

® Due on:† March